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Neon Dreams Halloween Party 
Cunard Centre

If anyone knows how to start the party and keep it going all night, it's Neon Dreams! With help from a 10 foot robot that was like a living light show, the Neon Dreams Halloween Party was a full sensory performance. Fog machines, water gun sprays, merchandise tosses, and of course a killer sound setup made this a well-rounded, engaging show. To top it all off, the group was right in the Halloween spirit, decked in 80s hair metal band costumes! 

Neon Dreams struck a perfect balance between top hit remixes and danceable original tracks like their single "Marching Bands" which recently hit 3 million streams on Spotify! It's clear to see why they received the coveted "Electronic Artist of the Year" at Nova Scotia Music Week and are currently on the second leg of their successful To You tour. If you have the chance to see Neon Dreams perform, it is definitely worth it!

three sheet live at the carleton

So many words come to mind when trying to relay the Three Sheet performance, the biggest one being indescribable—in the best way. Their performance was awesome, loud, and off the wall; but also tightly structured and well-rehearsed. Natural charisma, raw talent and experience were the driving forces behind the edgy, off-the-cuff vibe of the show. An organized chaos if you will, Three Sheet grabbed its audience with a hearty hip hop hold.  


The set list included a majority of songs from the new album Heart To Make It Perfect as well as a couple of their classic tracks. It also featured some very interesting guests, like YouTube sensation the Cattle Rapper who runs auctions out West and did a brief sample spiel onstage! An intimate yet open venue, The Carleton Bar is nicely set up so the audience can be directly in front of the stage to dance and really take in the performance.


Three Sheet rocked the bar with their solid vocals, original beats, and poignant lyrics. It was awesome getting to see the band's dynamic come to life in a way that can't be captured on recording. Truly appreciated the chance to take a quick pic before they started packing up for the night. Seeing Three Sheet live is a performance experience that everyone should have!

Jeanne Beker at Epoch: A runway Show & gala

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) hosted a fashion show featuring their Textiles/Fashion Department student designers' collections. Jeanne Beker, a Canadian fashion and media icon, was the special guest at the event. She gave an encouraging and fun speech to kick off the evening. 

After viewing all the imaginative, on-trend design lines, Jeanne stayed to mingle with the guests. It was an honour to have the opportunity to speak with her. 

Not wanting to monopolize her time too much, I only asked her a couple of quick questions. She took a few moments to consider the options, then gave thoughtful and compelling responses.

What musician, in your opinion, Has had the most influence on fashion?

"Madonna, in her day, wearing underwear as outerwear and adding girly elements. In the 80s when music television first started, she had a big influence. Lady Gaga has had a hugeinfluence. Taylor Swift is doing some great things as well!" 

Compared to Madonna and Lady Gaga, I feel Like Taylor doesn't take as as many fashion risks, Though. 

"True. I think everyone should dress like Bjork!"


That would be so awesome! Do you think fashion and music Trends Go Hand In Hand? 

"Yes. Music and fashion definitely go together. You can't have one without the other." 

I thanked her immensely for taking the time to speak with me, and then I did the most Millenial thing ever: I asked her for a selfie.