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No Small Children Will Teach You How To Rock

June 29, 2018

Artist: No Small Children

Album: What Do The Kids Say?

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How did you come up with the name of your new album, What Do The Kids Say?

Nicola: The title What Do the Kids Say? came from a line in one of the songs on the album, “I’m So Concerned.” The phrase seemed to resonate with how we are feeling in the moment as both elementary teachers and musicians meeting all types of people. 


What is your favorite track off the album?

Joanie: That’s a tough question to answer. Each song is unique. I love each one for different reasons. Some songs I love because of how fun they are to play, where others I love because of a tempo, key, or the lyrics, etc. If I had to pick one from the album I’d say ‘It’s All for Love’ or ‘I’m So Concerned’ but really, I’m crazy about all of them.


Tell us what it was like performing at the Unity Ball in Washington DC.

Nicola: It was so amazing to be part of the Women’s March on Washington and to cap off the day playing music for everyone at the Unity Ball. We ran into so many people we had met through touring up and down the East Coast. It was nothing but love all around. 


What sparked your aural addiction?

Lisa: My first “Aural Addiction” was The Beatles. As kids, we (my brother, my sister and my friend Cindy) would sing and play air guitar in front of the big mirror in my bedroom and blast Meet The Beatles from my crappy record player. I was always John. Now that I am older, I would much rather be Paul. Kinda funny. You grow up and instead of liking the moody dark guy, you like the happy nice guy. Lol After that, I started wanting to play any instrument I could get my hands on…I’ve had the fever ever since.


What other artists would you like to collaborate with?

Joanie: We love collaboration both within our band and with other artists. We’d be open to any and all collaborations. Maybe someone reading this might have a suggestion!


Are there any genres of music you would like to try or avoid? 

Joanie: If you listen to our albums in sequence, you can hear the band’s evolution and our growth as musicians. With every new recording we’ve added new layers, and tried new techniques, instrumentation, sounds, etc… We honestly can’t think of any genre that would be closed to us.


When you’re lacking inspiration, how do you kickstart your creativity? 

Joanie: This is a great question that I think every musician can relate to. Aside from listening to other artists we try to set aside time every day to write and/or practice. For us, creativity is a muscle that has to be exercised, and although each of us has a slightly different process, we all find the more we work at our craft, the more inspired and creative we feel.


Lisa: I find that there are two parts to this question. Living with so many balls in the air has pros and cons. For one, you always feel like you are running. The pros are that you experience a lot of ups and downs and with that, usually comes a great story. When I feel like I am lacking inspiration, that usually means that it is time to slow down….make lists, write lyrics, write music, write thoughts and imagine stuff and let things fall out.


What is currently on your playlist?

Lisa:  I love the music world we live in. I feel like I am discovering incredible music every day. There is so much to choose from and so much great music out there. A lot of the time, I can’t remember the names of the songs or artists because I go to “If you like this, you might like this” links and keep going down a huge and glorious music rabbit hole, lol. Some music I listen to as I am doing other things, and then there is music that I sort of study… I’m kind of loving the production of Post Malone, the vibe of Magic Giant, love what Childish Gambino is saying. But then I always come home to my old rock and roll faves. 


What is your favorite type of performance venue?

Nicola: I love all types of venues, from big festival stages to intimate clubs. It’s really about the openness of the people involved, and how they are treating each other. We’re all about being part of making the moment awesome for everyone. 


How have your surroundings influenced your music?

Lisa: My surroundings are everything to my music. I think everything you create is born out of an exact moment in time, so if something were different, your creation would be different too. It's all chance mixed with paying attention and sometimes what you create is shit and sometimes it is awesome…but you’re not sure why. You can’t try and orchestrate it too much either, or it comes out all messed up. 


Tell us a fun fact about each member of the band. 

Joanie: I play the accordion and know how to sew.


Nicola: I was a downhill ski racer through high school and still love snow sports. 


Lisa: I was a pitcher on a Boys Little League team until they realized I was a girl. 


What’s next for No Small Children? 

Nicola: We’re currently on tour on the West Coast, and we’re working on two music videos. We head to the East Coast for a tour in late July and Riot Fest in Chicago mid September. You can check out all our tour dates and locations on our website: NoSmallChildren.com 


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