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Fast Track Double Feature: Goosebump

June 4, 2018

Artist: Goosebump 

Singles: "Heather's Invitation" & "She Don't Say Goodbye" 

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Goosebump's core songwriting duo is Paul Erlichman and Neil Rankin who have been involved in the Toronto avant pop scene for years. The new self-titled album highlights the duo’s individual growth as and the way they’ve grown closer together as collaborators. It showcases a hard-won sense of accomplishment and identity.


She Don't Say Goodbye
'She Don’t Say Goodbye’ began as a lo-fi demo for my alter ego Bert Sugar (of the band Body Butter) and found its way into the glorious Goosebump band’s catalogue instead. Lyrically it’s a meditation on saying goodbye to someone despite them being right in front of you and them not really saying anything. 



Heather's Invitation

Pretentiousness warning ahead: the chorus of Goosebump by Goosebump’s first single, “Heather’s Invitation,” derives from a similar line in Ishiguro’s book called When We Were Orphans. It’s an older guy turning away his adopted daughter’s invitation to come live with her, because he’s prideful and drawn to loneliness. Total pop song material, right? The verse chords are basically the same as ELO’s “Do Ya".


The band on the video's inspiration:

The video for 'Heather’s Invitation' sprang from an idea I had about filming all the banal aspects of life at the dog park and blossomed into an the far more ridiculous idea of me selling a used car to Paul so that he could be a doggie chauffeur. - Neil Rankin



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