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Fast Track: "People's Champ" By Arkells

April 23, 2018

Artist: Arkells

Single: "People's Champ"

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Press release:

Written and recorded in Toronto by Arkells, produced by previous collaborator with the band, Eric Ratz (“Knocking at the Door” and “Leather Jacket”), and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, The 1975). “People’s Champ” is an upbeat, horn infused, politically charged anthem written to the social climate; created in part by “the guy currently in charge who only seems to be concerned with creating hysteria and bringing attention and wealth to himself."


“We’re all looking for leadership that is benevolent and generous, and truly has the will of the people in everything they do,” said frontman, Max Kerman. “We’re comforted every day by the people in our neighbourhood who go the extra mile for their community – especially when they don’t have to. We love that person. This song is about the opposite of that: it’s about the guy who acts like Robin Hood,

but is the farthest thing from it. But that’s OK: look around and you’ll find people’s champs all around ya.” ‘People’s Champ’ is an impeccable combination of their deft knowledge modern pop production and the motown songwriting influence that’s always been bubbling under surface.



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