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"Run" From Heartbreak With Francois Klark

April 17, 2018

Artist: Francois Klark
single: "Run"
links: Website






The opening lines of this track lead you to believe that this will be an upbeat love song--but that changes in the final line of the first verse. This song and video capture the overwhelming intensity of heartbreak. The syncopated "Oh's" and up-and-down rhythms do an excellent job of representing both the lyrical idea and the physicality of running. 


The emotions of this track reach a fever pitch at the bridge as it breaks down the essence of the song. The stripped baseline and highly distorted vocals are reminiscent of Imogen Heap’s “Hide & Seek”. 


In the video, we don't know exactly what Francois Klark has just seen, though you can guess, and it is enough to make him drop everything and immediately run away. The cinematography perfectly encapsulates the rush of feelings that come over you and the following decision to end the relationship. 


In addition to being an instantly relatable and memorable track, "Run" makes an important statement about the universal nature of relationships. Heartbreak and emotional loss does not discern based on gender or sexual orientation. The pain and struggle that comes with infidelity is one that everyone can identify with on some level.


Francois Klark has struck the perfect chord with this track. If you need a song to get you through a tough relationship, "Run" should be the first thing on your playlist. 


Press Release:

Ahead of the release of his debut album ‘LOVE’ this Spring, Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Francois Klark is excited to share the visuals for his second single ‘Run’. His first song ‘Spaceman’, which was released in August 2017 caught the attention of music lovers and industry professionals worldwide. The song has garnered a positive response from music critics and over 200K streams with features on official playlists on Deezer and Spotify. 


Francois Klark is currently on tour across Canada with Universal Music Artist Sebell. He has worked on projects with Universal Music Group UK and has shared the stage with various artists including Grammy winner Jon Bellion, Ginuwine, Shawn Desman, and Karl Wolf. 


Born in South Africa, Francois Klark combs his vast African roots for his new single ‘Run’, which bears a somber glow while dipping into the magical veneer of Lauv. "The love inside your heart ain't real," he sings, framing the song's brittle weight of betrayal between vocal distortion and crashing rhythmic waves. 


In the accompanying visual, directed by Yeah Films, the magnitude of the heartbreak soaks the screen, as Klark literally runs away from the pain.


Darting through city streets, he seeks to extricate himself from the agony, but it haunts him like a ghost. Klark explains "It was important for me to not only explore the more painful side of love and relationships, but also to challenge the viewer to evaluate how they perceive the validity of another person’s feelings and emotions. I therefore chose to portray a couple in a relationship that isn't widely viewed as normal by the majority of society. I want to impress on the viewer that we are all part of the same human experience - The love and heartbreak that you experience is no different, no less real than someone who is different from you ».


The music video tackles a timely subject on diversity and acceptance of others. "There is validity in the pain and heartache of every human being" adds Klark while talking about the writing process of the song. Run is now available on all digital platforms.

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