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Aural Addiction Raw: Tribal Love by Rivita Goyle

April 12, 2018

Artist: Rivita Goyle

EP: Tribal Love
Single: "Tribal Love"

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Rivita is back with the latest single "Tribal Love" off her EP of the same name. From start to finish, the tracks are engaging, danceable, and have thoughtful lyrics. With a spectrum of ethereal sounds, Tribal Love's tracks tap into the myriad of emotions in life and love. The track "Tribal Love" tackles the idea of staying true to yourself and waiting for a love that fulfills you in every way. It's a refreshing take on romance in a time where technology and busyness have a significant influence on who we choose--or don't choose--to partner with. "Galaxy", "Hunt U Down" and a "While The Love Is Gone Remix" round out the EP's track list and keep the celestial vibe going throughout. 



Press Release

After bagging the Indian Music Video Award and multiple nominations across film festivals from around the world, Rivita is set to release her debut EP “Tribal Love”. What’s more? She has been working on a series of music videos to accompany the EP and will be releasing a brand new music video for the title track as well!

The title song “Tribal Love” conveys a message of not being afraid of being alone and not settling for anything less than pure, loyal love. In a millennial world, the meaning of love gets degraded every day. Swiping on dating apps and moving from one person to another has become part of our culture. We have a tendency to not work on relationships and move on quickly. “Tribal Love” describes the manner in which

tribes move and stick together through thick and thin, how people fight for their family but not necessarily for a lover. The upcoming music video features Electro pop artist Rivita and 12-year-old ballet dancer Madilyn Masello.

Rivita is a New York based music producer, singer/songwriter, composer and film maker. Rivita’s cultural background and her love for travelling add a streak of unique and district ethnicity to her music. Her music showcases a mystical array of signature sounds from the East. Her latest releases “While The Love Is Gone” was released via a successful Thunderclap campaign with 160+ supporters and the music video for the song has bagged various nominations at Film Festivals. In 2017, she won the Indian Music Video Award for her track “Listen”. 


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