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Zoey G Doesn't Want You To Run Away

February 16, 2018

Artist: Zoey G

Single: "Runaway"

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 Tell us about your new single “Runaway”

My new single “Runaway” is probably one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. It actually was written super quickly compared to other songs I’ve written. I was able to write it, lyrics and everything, and create a demo in under two hours. It was inspired by a situation when you really like someone and they lean in giving you that idea that they like you too. Then after a few minutes they pull away and act like nothing happened. They basically run away.

Rumor has it there is a Spanish version of the single. Tell us about that? When can fans expect to hear it?

There is! I’m from a large Latin background and since the song has a very reggaeton/Latin vibe to it, I felt like it’d be a great idea to go the extra nine and create a wholly Spanish version. I’m not a fully fluent Spanish speaker, but I can speak it decently, so it was a little bit of a hurdle to go in and record it in three hours. But, we did it and I really love it. Everyone can expect to hear it very soon.


Which other musicians would you like to collaborate with?

I’d love to collaborate with Lady Gaga, RedOne, Max Martin, Camila Cabello, or Maluma.


What sparked your aural addiction?

It started from a very young age actually. Music was a constant thing in my house growing up. I was either practicing piano, at piano lessons, listening to music, overhearing my brother/dad playing music, or just humming something I made up in my head. I have always loved music for the music itself, never the lyrics. I’d be eight years old and an inappropriate song would come on in the car and I’d ask my mom if I could download it onto my iPod when we got home and she’d say “No! It’s too inappropriate.” My mom was definitely more of a lyric person haha.


If you're lacking in inspiration, how do you kick start your creativity?

I usually watch some sort of video from a favorite artist of mine like a tour documentary, interview, or read up on their backstories. I can honestly admit I’ve watched Justin Bieber’s “Believe” documentary six times and it never fails to get me inspired haha.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

This is more of a funny fact, but ever since I was little I always wanted to get a skateboard, but my dad is not a fan of skateboards. I finally got one when I was 13 and had it for 4 hours before I hit a crack in the sidewalk, fell, and broke my wrist. Skateboards are definitely not my thing.


What is next for Zoey G?

I’m not quite sure. I just hope that I can continue doing what I love and inspire people with my music. 


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