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Fast Track: "This Feeling" By Natalie Shay

February 13, 2018

Artist: Natalie Shay

Single: "This Feeling"

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Natalie Shay is an 19 year old multi award-winning, indie pop/rock artist from North London. Deemed as one of London’s hottest emerging talents and having already acquired an impressive array of awards, Shay is ready to launch herself into the forefront of the industry, with her highly anticipated upcoming release. 

As a classically trained guitarist from the age of five, Shay's outstanding talents soon found herself accepted into the prestigious BRIT school, known for producing such prodigies as Adele, Jessie J and Katy B. Shay credits her time at the famed BRIT school for encouraging her independence, “It allows students to develop creatively and socially so that they are prepared for the world once they graduate”, explains Shay. 

Shay creates a beautiful fusion of live instrumentation with indie pop sensibilities throughout her music. Produced by Pete Dowsett (The Vaccines) and inspired by the work of Sundara Karma, Shay’s aim to convey a flawless and dynamic live sound is captured within the production. The result is a listening experience that is as authentic as her acclaimed live sound. Shay succeeds in capturing a sound that puts a fresh spin on a timeless genre, “It was important to me to have as many live instruments as possible on the recording to create the right vibe and sound”, reveals Shay. 

Leading single ‘This Feeling’ is thematically about the excitement of young love and the passionate desire for someone. The emotions this song conveys, combined with Shay’s raw vocals, creates a heartfelt song which resonates with listeners from all different aspects of life. Sonically ‘This Feeling’ highlights Shay’s distinctly powerful and vibrant vocals. Featuring gritty melodic guitars, punchy drum beats and an infectious anthemic chorus, Shay has established a sound beyond her years. With Shay’s mesmerising lyricism, her impressive vocal prowess and a unique flair of delivering listeners with compelling live performances, it is to no wonder that she has had the privilege of sharing the stage with artists such as Soul II Soul, J P Cooper, Alex Francis and Sex Pistol, Glen Matlock. 

After extensively gigging around the UK and perfecting her sound, Shay is now ready to focus on the release of her new music. Driven by the desire to inspire other young women in the arts and helping them to flourish with confidence, Natalie Shay is set for a promising 2018. 


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