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Vermillion Road's New Track Is The "Only One" You'll Want To Listen To

January 30, 2018

Artist: Vermillion Road

Single: "Only One"

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How did you come up with the name for your group?

Vermillion Road is a real road in Longmont, CO, the hometown of Will (our vocalist) and near where Will and I started our first band together when we were teenagers. We just loved the name and sound of it.


Tell us the story behind your new single “Only One”.

This is a song about waking up in a haze after a crazy party only to discover that everyone is gone and you’re all alone in a stranger’s house wondering what happened the night before. It was inspired by my personal experiences in college, as well as stories I’ve heard from others.  


If you could collaborate with any other musician/band, who would it be?

The list is long but for me personally, but I would love to work with Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic – I think he’s a great songwriter. Will would love to work with The 1975.


What sparked your aural addiction?

My real love for music was ignited in high school after I played the video game Guitar Hero at a friend’s house. That was my discovery of rock music – and my mind was blown! There were so many artists and bands I’d never heard before and I couldn’t get enough. Shortly after, I dropped the plastic controller to pick up the real thing.


If/When you're lacking in inspiration, how do you kick start your creativity?

We look to a lot of media for inspiration such as movies, games, books or anything with a profound perspective as well as listening to music from all different genres. Also, we gain inspiration from just talking with our fans. They lead amazing lives with many different stories and diverse backgrounds. When I’m having writer’s block, I like to go for a run to get my creative juices flowing.


Tell us a fun fact about each member of the band that not many people know. 

Both Will and I have Synesthesia, where we see colors associated with music. For example, songs or parts of songs will be experienced in different colors like red, blue or black. Electronic music or jazz are the most colorful genres of music to me personally. Gil, our bassist, is bilingual and Michael Bolton is his guilty pleasure. Our drummer Logan, has a passion for World War II military aviation.


Will you guys be touring this year? Where can fans see you live? 

Our tour will kick off with our EP release show in Denver in April, then on to Arizona with the Rock the Quad Charity Concert at the Tempe Marketplace on April 21st. We then continue to the West and Southwestern states. Along the way, we will be featured in the 2-day Prescott Valley Music Festival in May. This summer we are joining Vans Warped Tour, hitting the Midwest and a college tour in September. 



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