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Francois Klark's New Single Is Out Of This World

December 4, 2017

Artist: Francois Klark
Single: "Spaceman"
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How did you come up with the name of your new single “Spaceman”?
I had the idea of writing a narrative about a space traveler who embarks on an almost dream-like journey covering extreme distances and overcoming great obstacles in search of his one special person. You might want to jump to the answer to the very last question to understand just why such an idea would be floating about in my head. 

Is there a specific person or event that inspired this track? 
It was more a thought process that inspired this song - Some people believe that there is only one perfect person for you. Others believe that a person could fall in love with anyone and then that person becomes the perfect person for you. Regardless of what you believe, odds are, if you're single, the person you'll one day choose to spend the rest of your life with is somewhere out there right now at this very moment. ‘Spaceman’ explores this idea.

What sparked your aural addiction?
Lauryn Hill! I’ve not been the same since hearing her sing. 

Who would you like to collaborate with? 
The Northern Cree Singers
The Soweto Gospel Choir
A Tribe Called Red
Joshua Luke Smith
Emeli Sandé
Cass Lowe
Dave Matthews
Chris Martin
The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO)

What is your favorite track from your upcoming album?
The song that I chose as the next single. It might be my favourite song I’ve written to date. Gonna’ keep the name secret for just another minute ;)

How have your surroundings influenced your music?
I was born in a town called Rundu in the Okavango, Namibia. I grew up being exposed to the vibrant music and culture of, not only the Afrikaans people but also that of the Mbarakwengo people who lived in and around the Omega military base where my family lived. My family would eventually move back to South Africa. It was in the then small town of Potchefstroom, that I, through singing in choirs, had the opportunity to explore all the music and cultures of my fellow South Africans. We were all from different cultural backgrounds, but we were united as one people by the name that our loving president, Nelson Mandela, gave us - Rainbow Nation. This instilled in me a love for music from cultures that are different from my own. My music is deeply inspired by my upbringing in ‘world music’ and classical music. I combine these with my love for electronic production elements. The result is alternative pop anthems that slink between epic and intimate soundscapes which are alarmingly tribal, doused with provocative hooks, flickering synths and live instruments and often cinematic and orchestral-based elements. 

What is currently on your playlist?
Chance The Rapper - Colouring book. Yes, the whole album!
‘Carry Me’ - Joshua Luke Smith
‘Sweet Architect’ - Emeli Sandé
‘Angola’ - Cesaria Evora
‘Como En El Cielo’ - Elevation Worship
‘Ouverture’ - Anomalie

Are there any genres of music you would like to try or avoid? 
I would love to do a full-length Electronic album as well as a project with a live band, a gospel choir and symphony orchestra.
I won’t personally be doing a rap anytime soon. I was in the back of the line when that talent was handed out. I would, however, love to collaborate with rappers. Hint hint …Chance The Rapper, Ben Haggerty & Joshua Luke Smith. 

If/when you’re lacking inspiration, how do you kickstart your creativity?
Banging it out on the piano often gets me going. Getting lost on a mountain, going for a run by the water, or walking in the woods also works. If I don’t have access to those, watching videos of my favourite artists’ live performances, going to live shows or watching videos of my favourite dancers/choreographers really gets me hyped up too. Still no inspiration? Well, an episode of Chef’s Table will likely cure that. 

What is your favorite type of performance venue?
I’ve never been there, but Royal Albert Hall has been the number one venue that I’ve always dreamt of playing. The venues that I loved playing at most so far were the incredibly beautiful outdoor venues that I played at on a recent tour in Spain. Few things can beat being on stage in front of a cathedral overlooking the Mediterranean. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 
I am a massive science fiction fan and have read the entire Ender book series by Orson Scott Card. I’m a sucker for interstellar travel.



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