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Get Crazy With TJ Stafford

August 28, 2017

Artist: TJ Stafford
Single: "Crazy"

Album: All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This

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How did you come up with the name of your debut album All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This?

I was at a fundraiser, one of those outdoor functions with big circular 10 person tables and space heaters and luke warm food, etc., when one of the space heaters starts leaking gas. My friend and I were sitting next to it, and as everyone at our table cleared out my friend sits there calmly and says "eh, all my bad habits have prepared me for this." And I said, "That's gonna be my album title. Also, we should probably move." 


What is the inspiration behind the track “Crazy"?

A really messed up relationship. One of those relationships that has you wondering if your perception of reality is skewed. 


What sparked your aural addiction?

My parents playing music ever since I can remember. In particular, the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann." Apparently I would stop everything when that song came on, run into the room, and just stare at the turntable. Random. And maybe creepy. 


Who would you like to collaborate with? 

Wes Anderson


Are there any genres of music you would like to try or avoid?

Just in general? Or in my own recordings? In general, not really. I'll listen to anything if it's got some originality and depth. So, that being the case, I tend to stay away from Pop Country. Other than that, my Spotify suggestions are pretty schizophrenic. 


I'd like to try going back to just 4 tracks per song. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals. Record it live. Print it. That would be fun. Not exactly a genre, per se, but still, I'd like to try it. 


If/when you’re lacking inspiration, how do you kickstart your creativity? 

Work. Inspiration happens when I work regardless of how I'm feeling. 

What is currently on your playlist?

Kendrick's "DAMN". Camille's "Le Fil".  Field Music. Snarky Puppy. Cigarettes After Sex. 


What is your favorite type of performance venue?

Large stadium type venues. If a show is happening there, it's gonna be legit. 


How have your surroundings influenced your music?

Probably the same way sunlight influences fabric over time. A little worn, a little faded, but loved. 


Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 

I went to the Kansas State Math Competition for geometry when I was in the 5th. Pi R Squared fools, Pi R Squared. 


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