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Fast Tracks: "Hidden" By Bianca Rose

August 24, 2017

Artist: Bianca Rose

Single: "Hidden"

Album: No Fear Here

Links: Website




Bianca Rose tackles mental health--and the difficulties of sharing those issues with the people you care about--in her new single "Hidden". The track and video promote openness and the importance of support for people who are struggling. 


In her own words, Bianca describes the message and inspiration for the song: "'I am more than the sum of my mistakes.' This is the message that was in my heart when I wrote ‘Hidden’. It’s an entreaty. The visuals depict an individual who is coming to terms with the fact that he is struggling with some mental health issues. Issues that have caused him to withdraw from those closest to him, and then the eventual resolve he finds to finally share what’s going on inside of him. The overarching idea is that sharing any kind of oppression we are dealing with can often be the first step to breaking its power." 


The melody of the song has serious tones to it, but overall creates a feeling of hope for listeners. Check out the video for "Hidden" and explore the rest of Bianca Rose's album No Fear Here.


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