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Moxi's Figures Bathed In Light Is Stirring & Dreamy

August 8, 2017

Artist: Moxi

EP: Figures Bathed In Light

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How did you come up with the sounds and style of your EP Figures Bathed In Light? 

​Anna: The sound and style of Figures Bathed in Light came from a three day getaway we did in January of 2016. Basically we locked ourselves in a cabin in the mountains for a few days and wrote the majority of the EP with lots of wine and chartreuse. 

Andy: I do most of the sound design and write the majority of the track, and with this EP, I wanted to incorporate a blend of classic New Wave synths and modern, dreamy, soundscape atmospheric elements together.  One of the techniques we used a lot was to have 2-3 different instruments playing the hook, and having someone sing it an octave down, then pitch it up to make it sound like another weird synthesizer. I try to make my sounds and textures unique; that's part of the fun when creating a new song.


What inspires your songs more—personal experiences or the world around you? 
 I get inspiration from a lot of different things. Mostly personal things that are happening in my life but I'm also inspired by things I see happening around me and to other people. Writing has always been a source of therapy for me. I process through music and writing and when I'm upset or troubled by something my instinct is to create something out of that darkness. I've struggled my whole life with depression and anxiety so I write a lot about that. I also think its impossible as an artist to not be affected by the weird climate the world is in right now. We try to be very uplifting and inclusive with our "voice" as artists because this world needs a lot more love in it.  


What sparked your aural addiction? 
My parents bought me a ​Ka​r​ao​ke machine for my 7th birthday and I became obsessed. I would hold concerts in my basement and charge my entire family plus the neighbors to come hear me sing. lol. I'd even do intermission and costume changes. So legit. I also knew I wanted to be in a band when I saw the Spice Girls movie. Those chicks are the coolest. 


Andy: My parents were always playing classical music around me when I was growing up. When I was six, I was at my cousin's house and he played happy birthday on the piano, and I got super jealous and went to my parents and immediately asked if I could have piano lessons. I stuck with it and here I am.


​You've performed with Sir Sly and Bryan Cook mixed this EP! Who would you like to collaborate with next? 
My big dream would be to do a song with Disclosure. I'm obsessed with everything they do. We'd love to go on tour with anyone who'd take us. lol. Someone take us!


Andy: ​​It would be a dream to collaborate with Daniel Lanois.  :)​​


Are there any genres of music you would like to try or avoid? 
We are pretty open the only thing we don't love is mainstream country music. We both love classical. I used to write and perform folk music before we started Moxi and it's a dream/goal of mine to do another dreamy folk record at some point. Stay tuned.  

Andy: This is a tough one, because there's something to be learned and gained from every style or genre. One of my dreams is to score a film, I have this idea of live scoring a film that we directed in a super controlled environment like a museum or art gallery, maybe one day...! ​


What albums and/or artists influenced your songwriting and style? 
Our musical journey as a band has been influenced by a lot of different music and artists. For me (Anna)- Ryan Adams, Feist, Damien Rice, Fleet Foxes have all influenced my songwriting in the past and shaped me into the songwriter I am today. Recently and for this EP in particular I was very influenced by some of Lorde's songs. I love the "Magnets" song she did with Disclosure. She's so raw and emotional in her vocal performance you can't help but grab onto what she's doing. Other than that we listen to a lot of classical these days. We both want Moxi to sound original so we find that classical helps us create something that is 100% purely us.  ​


Andy: Tom Waits. He's my biggest influence and I love how much emotion he puts behind everything from piano to guitar to throwing a chair around a room and calling it "percussion".  ​

What is currently on your playlist?

I LOVE Haim​, Brandon Flowers,​ Jenny Lewis, Chance the Rapper,​ Brahms, Ravelle, Rachmaninoff, Puccini.​


What is your favorite type of performance venue? 

I actually love playing private shows. They feel so intimate and we usually get to curate the night exactly how we want it. We played a private show at a friends' warehouse last year and it was so fun. We had a private bartender come and make drinks named after our songs. I got to decorate the place how I wanted and it felt so intimate. I talked a lot about what each song was about and it felt really authentic and honest. I love playing at venues too though there's a lot of excitement in that. My favorite venue we've gotten to play is the El Rey. It sounds soooo amazing in that place.  


Anything you'd like to add? 

Thanks for asking us such thoughtful questions! We are SO excited to share what else we have up our sleeves. Lots more coming soon. Stay tuned. xoxo.



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