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Find Out What Matt Koelsch Is Thinking About On His Latest EP

August 2, 2017

Artist: Matt Koelsch

Single: "Perfectly Aligned" / "Incomplete"

EP: Thinking Of You

Links: Website




Tell us about your EP, Thinking of You.

My new record is about reflecting about significant relationships in your life and how they shape your journey.


What (or who) or who was the inspiration behind your track "Perfectly Aligned”?

This seemed to be a favorite amongst the sample pool we polled for the single. Many people encouraged me to stay in my desk job when I needed to break free and go in a new direction. They also did not like that I was growing my hair out. So I was inspired to rebel.


What sparked your aural addiction?

My mother introduced me to the piano and found me a teacher at a young age. I dreaded the rigid structure of the lessons and assignments, and my instructors' apartment smelt like cat pee, so I only lasted a few years. I remember at an early age feeling very gratified by experimenting on the piano, playing by ear, and that sparked my enthusiasm for creating music, so I really appreciate that initial introduction to music.


You worked with Eugene Toale on this EP! Who would you like to collaborate with next?

I am looking for someone with a similar background. A fun, positive person with experience with synthesis, sequencing, and a solid music theory background. 


Are there any genres of music you would like to try or avoid?

I would like to study more jazz. I usually avoid traditional country. 


If/when you’re lacking inspiration, how do you kickstart your creativity? 

I hike out to a new peak, go for a run, travel to a new location and bring a guitar along with me. 


What is currently on your playlist?

Bob Moses, Sohn, Sylvan Esso, The Jackson 5


What is your favorite type of performance venue?

A small theater.


How have your surroundings influenced your music?

Thinking of You is inspired by leaving the comforts of New England and building a new network 3,000 miles away in Southern California. There is more time and space to explore and discover when you are in a completely new and foreign setting, removed from the comforts of your close network of relationships.





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