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Get Back To Yourself With "Seeing It All" By Calais

July 17, 2017

Artist: Calais

Single: "Seeing It All"

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 Tell us about your new single “Seeing It All”. Is there a specific person or event that inspired this track?

Tim - "Seeing It All" came about from my past relationship. I found it really difficult to try and identify myself as an individual again and not as part of a couple after it all ended. The track is about the moments post breakup when I was trying to find myself again but was still being consumed with the memories of the two of us and the way things were. Any person who has gone through a break up would understand that it’s a pretty confronting thing to adjust to. 


What sparked your aural addiction?

Will - We all grew up playing music from a young age and were lucky enough to go to schools that had music programs that allowed us to play in bands. We were only playing short cover sets, but it taught us how to play in front of people and it was so much fun. Music was part of our lives before this, but performing songs in front of an audience was the main driving force that inspired us to write our own original music. 

Tim – Yeah we were surrounded by students and teachers who loved performing music, so this pushed us to learn as much as possible and we discovered pretty quickly that it was the thing we all wanted to do in our lives. 


Who would you like to collaborate with?

Joe - One person who comes to mind at the moment would be Jon Bellion. Firstly he’s written some absolute bangers over the last few years, but mainly we just love his passion and his process. We’ve watched a lot of his making-of videos on YouTube and just get so pumped up by him, his passion is infectious and I just love how much he loves music. I’m also massively obsessed with Led Zeppelin so I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to learn everything that Jimmy Page knows, I don’t know how much I’d add in that process though, I’d probably just sit in the corner and let Jimmy work his magic.


Are there any genres of music you would like to try and avoid?

Will - I don’t think there are any genres that we consciously avoid – we generally sit down at a computer with our instruments and just write what feels natural. Sometimes you come up with an idea that sounds too weird, bright or whatever, but the tracks you’re drawn to eventually fall in a similar sonic spectrum. We enjoy a lot of the same music, which subconsciously filters out certain genres and scopes the song writing process in many respects.


What was the first album you ever bought?

Tim – The first album I ever bought was The Eminem Show. I did extra chores around the house to save and then finally went with my dad to buy it. I was 11 and learnt every word on the album and can still smash out every verse on there today. 

Will - Mine would probably be Meteora by Linkin Park. When I was 10 a friend of mine played me a few tracks off Linkin Park’s Meteora album. I remember getting so excited by the wall of heavily distorted guitars and all the awesome melodies and vocals - it was so different to any of the music I was used to listening to. That night I begged my parents to take me to the record store so I could buy the album for myself!

Joe - Funnily enough my first album was also Meteora, I was so shocked at how angry the band sounded and I loved it. 

What is currently on your playlist?

Joe – Currently listening to Lorde’s new album, a bit of Harry Styles, Jon Bellion, Twenty One Pilots and just throw on some Drake whenever I’m feeling cool enough. We all listen to a lot of stuff so basically whatever’s new and just come out we’ll listen to and talk about, and then usually Guy just shows us everything else that’s good.   


What is your favourite type of performance venue?

Will – We’ve always had a dark and slightly mysterious element to our sound, which often translates well on club stages. There’s something about the lack of lighting and tight spaces that allows you to focus on the music and form an intimate connection with your audience. Outdoor shows can be great too - it can just be easier to be distracted and be taken out of the vibe of the song. 


How have your surroundings influenced your music?

Will – The Brisbane music scene transitioned from alternative/progressive rock to predominately indie/alternative over 7 years we’ve been a band. This would have played a role shaping some of our earlier material, but as of the last two years, we’ve been primarily influenced by music from outside Australia. I guess it could be a result of growing up in the internet age and being able to watch interviews, live video performances and endlessly stream music from artists all over the world. 


What’s next for Calais?

Tim - We’re looking to release another single later in the year and hopefully record and release an EP early next year. It’d be great to be able to get on the road for either of these and tour the east coast of Australia.


Anything you’d like to add?

Tim – Check out our Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what we’re doing! Thank you for the chat!




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