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Riley Smith Debuts Heartwarming Track "I'm On Fire"

July 15, 2017

Artist: Riley Smith

Single: "I'm On Fire"

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How did you come up with the name of your new single “I’m On Fire”?

It's the hook. It describes the feeling.


What is your favorite track on your upcoming EP and why? 

That's like picking a favorite child. I love them all in different ways. I think 'I'm On Fire’ represents who I am as a songwriter and artist now. I absolutely love the honesty in the lyrics for “Selfish”. “ Mad Love” is another mirror in the face of honesty about a relationship a lot of people can relate to. And I think “Change Of A Season” is going to surprise a lot of people. It's outside of the box. It has transcendence. But I'm skipping the next two singles. “I Can't Keep Missing You” is just a fun song you can drive down the road singing to. And "Break Somethin’" Rocks. Hard. A lot of friends who have heard early demo’s have claimed that as their favorite. So yea, it's hard to choose. 


Tell us about your experience working on the TV show “Nashville”.

It was honestly one of my favorite experiences on a show. And that's out of 18 years and 75 plus shows. So that's saying a lot.

Do you prefer live or pre-recorded performances?
I love creating. So I love working in the studio. I have a home studio in my house that I basically live in. But there is nothing like the immediate interaction you get in a live performance.


What sparked your aural addiction?

I remember my first two records being Michael Jackson’s ‘Off the Wall’ album and Hank Williams Jr. And that pretty much explains my diverse taste 30 years later.


Are there any genres of music you would like to try or avoid?

I don't mess with anything that doesn't have a melody. 

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I don’t think I'm done writing with Tim Lauer and Matthew Perryman Jones. We wrote “I'm On Fire” together, and one is just not enough with them. It was too much fun and the product was way too on point to not do it again. 


If/when you're lacking inspiration, how do you kickstart your creativity?

I went through a bout of writers block recently. It was the first time it had really ever happened. It freaked me out a bit. I just walked away. Decided I wouldn’t pick up a guitar until something made me. Before too long, I'm humming an idea, running home to grab my recorder and guitar, and then I was back to the races. Ya just gotta take a breath and walk away. It’ll come back. 


What is currently on your playlist? 

I'm all over the place with music. Different playlists for different genres. I love Jazz. Basically start every morning with it. Then I move into modern country. Love Thomas Rhett right now. Then I'll go into some electro pop. Empire of The Sun and Phoenix are a must everyday. By the evening, I like winding down with Sturgil Simpson, Ryan Adams, and Chris Stapleton.


What's next for Riley Smith?

Getting this EP wrapped up. Hoping to shoot another music video, that I want to direct. And then hit some live shows to support the EP. 

That and I'm reading scripts to find the next role/show I want to do.


Anything you'd like to add?

Just thank you for your support and if y’all like what ya hear, let your friends know! :)



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