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Travel Deep Within Rebecca Raw's Debut EP

May 29, 2017

Artist: Rebecca Raw

EP: Deep Within -- now available on iTunes here!

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 The overall tone of this EP is one of sincerity, honesty, and raw emotion. Rebecca is a genuine talent whose earnest style is instantly relatable and engaging. 
The EP begins with "Connection," a heartfelt track that delves into the ideas of slowing down and taking the time to get to know someone. Rebecca's clear, strong vocals reflect the desire to appreciate the present moment and develop a stronger bond with the person that the song is about. 
The A capella opening sets the somber mood for the next track, "Dust & Ashes." The lyrics resonate on those times when even your best doesn't feel good enough and you want to hide away from the world. 

"Whisper Thin" is a stirring song that uses vivid imagery to paint its heart-wrenching picture. This track marks the middle of the EP and the lowest emotional point as well. 

A shift in tempo on the next song, "Freefall," takes a more uplifting turn and impresses the idea of taking a chance when you're afraid. It's about keeping hope alive and quieting that negative inner voice to achieve your dreams. 
"Calling," the final track, expresses a renewed self-confidence and belief in a positive future despite the uncertainty of what is to come.

Deep Within perfectly represents the EP's ambiance as well as the importance of persevering through the rough times in life. Rebecca Raw shares her struggle and connects us all through powerful vocals, enthralling melodies, and impassioned lyrics. 






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