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Find Hope With Shane Henry's New Album Light In The Dark

May 18, 2017


Artist: Shane Henry

Album: Light In The Dark

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How did you come up with the name for your new album Light in the Dark

"Light in the Dark" is a song on the new album that I co-wrote with my producer Justin Glasco about giving hope to anyone who is in a place of darkness and going through struggles - letting them know they are not alone...I ultimately felt it was a great title for the album as my goal is to make a positive impact on my audience through my music.


What (or who) was the inspiration behind this album?

I moved to LA in 2013 and a lot of the songs on this album were born out of the whole experience of moving across the country - dealing with changes, finding your place in a new city, dealing with struggles and continuing to pursue your dreams.


Do you have a favorite track off the album?

I have several - "Dare You Devil" and "I'm Going Crazy" - but I'm really proud of it all.


How long did it take to produce this album start to finish?

It was a 2 year process from writing to recording.


Which tends to come to you first, melodies or lyrics?

It's different for every song, but usually music/melodies and then lyrics.


When you need motivation, do you prefer to write music, listen to music, or do something else entirely?

All of the above, I'm always looking for new music and I think listening to all different types of music really helps me find inspiration.


From Etta James to George Thorogood, you’ve performed with some very prominent musicians! Which was the most memorable performance to you?

Opening for B.B King at the Hollywood Bowl!


Name one song that you could listen to on repeat and never get sick of.

Pretty much anything by Tom Petty! His music is timeless - "Free Falling" to name one song.


What’s next for Shane Henry?

Album release shows in May and hopefully more touring throughout the Summer. I'm also currently writing for a side band project as well.



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