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Travel Through Time With Honey & Jude's "The Real Thing"

March 26, 2017

Artist: Honey & Jude
Single: "The Real Thing"

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This sweet, fun track from Honey & Jude explores the romantic aspects of a time gone by but not completely forgotten. The upbeat melody and lyrics, which list things like calling from a payphone to playing a song on a jukebox, touch on memorable dating customs before the age of social media and the Internet.

In the video, Jude plays a time traveler from the 80s who is introduced to current technology and schools Millennial Honey on the merits of analog alternatives. "The Real Thing" is a catchy, bright tune that is both reminiscent of 80s and 90s pop with a fresh, modern-day sound as well. It's the perfect track to add to your Springtime playlist! 


Here's what Honey & Jude have to say about their song: "‘The Real Thing’ is a throwback, slow track, old school kind of love. It harkens back to a day when asking a girl out on a date meant sneaking her a handwritten letter instead of a generic text, a day when going steady with a boy was about more than just updating your Facebook status to ‘In a relationship. It’s about a time when the way we felt about each other wasn’t limited to 140 characters and when memories lasted more than the ten seconds on Snapchat."


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