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One of the very first things Miss J and AceOne bonded over was their love of music. Fifteen years later and they're still swapping the latest tracks and discussing which ones are hits and which are definite misses. Though their tastes can vary significantly, ultimately they both love exploring as many different artists and songs as they can get their hands on. Get to know a little more about what makes these two music junkies tick.  

Miss J

How did Aural Addiction get started?

I had been doing freelance reviews for LaFamos for a couple of years through the Suite101 site. After they changed their format--and with the encouragement of Amanda Blide at LaFamos--I decided to branch out and create an interview style blog. Thus Aural Addiction was born.

Fast forward a couple of years and the awesome people at Mora May Agency and Project Light Agency contacted me about featuring their artists as well! With all these fantastic interviews, I knew I would need some assistance with upgrading the design and function of the blog which is when I reached out and partnered with AceOne. 

After receiving an interview with a local Canadian artist, Laura Roy, we decided to add a new section called True North which would focus on some amazing Canadian talent! 

What was the first album you ever bought? 

One of my earliest memories as a kid is listening to my neighbour's cassette of Green Day's Dookie. But the actual first album I bought with my own money was probably something like Spice by the Spice Girls or ...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears! 

What's Your Favorite Medium?

Depends on the song and which one it was intended for originally. That being said, I mainly listen to digital tracks and am working on building/expanding my vinyl collection. I have yet to decide whether I want to delve back into cassettes or not (all that tedious winding the tape back in if it gets hauled out?! No thanks!)


Why did you decide to partner with miss J?

A love of music and friendship brought us to a common goal, and Aural Addiction seemed to be the best way to creatively partner and find new music. 

What is currently on your playlist?

Run the Jewels and Our Lady Peace

What's Your Favorite Medium?

The internet.